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Why I Use Rain Water In Soap Making

Posted by Andrea Bryant on

Why I use rain water in my soap recipes?  In soap making it is recommended to use distilled water as the liquid.  Tap water contains all kinds of mineral deposits and contaminates.  Most common contaminants that remain in our tap water after treatment include aluminum, arsenic, copper, iron, lead, pesticides, herbicides, uranium, and more (Neilsen Research Corporation). You don’t want to make soap with unknown mineral deposit or contaminates as soap making is a chemical process.  To ensure a consistent recipe, it is best to use distilled or rain water which is pure.  Other liquids can be substituted such as milks (animal and nut), beer, aloe gel etc.  I use some of all these in various recipes for specific properties in a particular recipe.  The majority of my soaps are made with rain water or a plant puree with rain water. 


So why do I use rain water versus bottled distilled water?  In efforts to cut cost and reduce waste and plastic consumption, I decided to go old school and use rain water.  I was already collecting rain water for my garden.  To use for soap making I added a few steps.  I prefer to use stainless-steel pots for collecting rain.  I only collect during hard rain so that I can collect larger amounts quickly and bring inside as algae grows in water under sunlight and mosquitoes lay eggs in water.  Water is never collected from runoff from the house or trees.  The pots are placed in an open area in my yard.  I then strain water to remove any debris and I boil for 10 to 15 minutes.  After the water is cool, I decant in sterile glass jars.  For my energy soaps, I place water jugs under a full or new moon overnight.   I am diligent with water collection so that I never run out.  I also use rain water in my herbal decoctions and sprays.  The whole process is very spiritual for me as nature cleans itself through rain and I am only mimicking the Great Mother.  It only cost pennies per batch to use bottled distilled water in soap making but the ritual of collecting water is an added blessing to the soap making process and I do it with love and blessings as always from my house to yours.


  • Thank you for sharing your encouragement for using a rain for saop.

    Joey Baguio on

  • Absolutely love this and I will be following in your footsteps thank you for information XX

    Lindsey Malloy on

  • Wow! I am so impressed with the love you have for what you do and the additional steps you take to make a wonderful, quality product. I know what you do and how you do it is time consuming but everything is made with lots of passion! Great job keep up the good work.

    Gertrude L Greene on

  • very informative and I love the spiritual aspect :) thank you for sharing

    Vikki Sapp on

  • Great idea…🔥

    Shirlacia Morris on

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