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Floating into Mindfulness: How My Experience in a Float Pod Inspired The Me Day Clean Beauty Mineral Line

Posted by Andrea Bryant on

     I had a birthday recently and my children gifted me a 60-minute session in a float pod at a local spa. I was not sure of what to expect but after a quick Google search I knew I would love it. Float pods, also known as sensory deprivation tanks or float tanks, are large pods filled with water about 10 inches deep that is saturated with Epsom salt. The large amount of salt allows the body to float weightlessly. It is the Magnesium in the Epsom salt that offers many benefits for both physical and mental well-being. There are options for soothing music however, I chose to float without music or light to deprive my senses of all stimuli in order to stay in a mindful state. Here are some of the key benefits of using float pods:

Stress Relief

     Floating in a float pod can help reduce stress by providing a relaxing environment. The weightlessness experienced in a float pod reduces the strain on the body, which can help lower cortisol levels and reduce stress.

     My experience was feeling like I was in the womb. The temperature was regulated and I was very comfortable. The weightlessness gave me the feeling of being totally at peace.

Pain Management

     The buoyancy of the water reduces pressure on the joints and muscles, providing relief from pain.

     I had what I believe to be some tendonitis. It was the first time I had anything like this and from what I learned it is common for people who have not worked out in some time and recently started exercising again. After my float session, the pain went away and I had full mobility to continue my normal routine.

Muscle Recovery

     The Epsom salt solution can help relax muscles and improve recovery after intense physical activity or injury.

     After my float, I got relief from some excessive soreness from my new resistance training routine and was able to continue my workout routine as scheduled.

Improved Sleep

     Floating can promote relaxation, reduce insomnia, helps many fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper, more restful sleep.

     I was at my children’s home the week of my birthday and I never sleep well away from home. However, the night after my float session I had the most restful sleep that I ever had away from home.

Mental Clarity

     Floating can enhance mental clarity, creativity, and focus by allowing the mind to enter a deeply relaxed state.

     Have you ever had brain fog? You know the feeling when you know you have good sense but you just can’t seem to get it together? After my session, I was able to complete my work goals, focus on some new projects and come up with new product ideas.

Enhanced Meditation

     The sensory deprivation environment of a float pod can deepen meditation practices by eliminating distractions and promoting a sense of inner peace.

     I did not have a regular routine of meditation. I could manage up to 10 to 15 minutes and that was a struggle.  I was able to stumble on mindfulness sometimes when in nature, cooking, gardening, or during exercise. My goal was to explore mindful, purposeful meditation. In the float tank, you are in there for 60-minutes and you have no distractions. This enabled me to meditate for a longer period of time and I had fewer incidents of my mind wandering. Since then, I have been able to meditate daily for longer periods of time for that mental focus and sense of well-being. 

Increased Magnesium Absorption

      Epsom salt, which is rich in magnesium, is known to be absorbed through the skin during floating, which can help boost magnesium levels in the body.

     I was aware of the benefits of Magnesium and have taken many Epsom salt baths. I also have a Magnesium Cream in my product line that I use after workouts, and at bedtime. The amount of magnesium in a float pod is very potent.  It is so saturated that the water is thick. The easy absorption through your skin is what provides all the benefits of Magnesium so readily. Magnesium absorption benefits include:  improved mood, regulation of protein synthesis, helps regulate blood pressure, blood glucose control, and regulates nerve and muscle function. 

Improved Skin Health

     The Epsom salt solution in the pods can help exfoliate and soften the skin, leading to improved skin health and appearance.

     Improved skin was a pleasant surprise. The day after my session, I noticed that my skin was soft and smooth as if I had used a scrub. Despite the fact that I was in salt water, my skin was moisturized, not dry at all. 

Enhanced Creativity

     The sensory deprivation environment can stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving skills, making float pods popular among artists, writers, and innovators. 

     My experience in the float pod inspired me to create a clean beauty mineral line that includes mineral bath bombs, mineral bath salts, magnesium creams and salt soap bars. These natural, organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic products will also be packaged sustainably and introduced throughout 2024.

      Overall, my experience in a float pod was great and I will most definitely do it again. I recommend that you contact your local spa and schedule a session. If there is not a float pod in your area, schedule one in a nearby city and consider opening up one in your area. You will find that they offer a range of benefits for both physical and mental health, making them a popular choice for relaxation, stress relief, and overall well-being. And as always, have a wonderful Me Day!

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