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Handmade soap: Five things to expect and recommended usage for personal hygiene

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Today I watched a video of one of my favorite soap makers warning new soapers to not advertise their soap as medicine. I agree whole heartedly and wanted to talk about what to expect and how to use your natural bar soap.

What to expect from a natural bar of soap

1. Expect an excellent body cleanser

You can’t beat the natural cleansing power of a handmade bar of soap.  I have had customers tell me they had not felt that clean in a while after using a natural bar of soap. They effectively cleanse the body while preventing excess moisture loss. In the soap making process, natural glycerin is retained in the soap.  In addition, each batch is made with natural skin loving botanicals and oils.   

 2. Expect to get your money’s worth

Artisan bar soaps by Me Day, do not contain detergents which produce bubbles and dissolve your bar of soap faster.  A natural bar has a soft creamy substainable lather which allows it to hold up in your shower much longer.

 3. Expect a variety

Our soap shop is stocked full of a variety of soaps.  There is something for everyone with specialty soaps such as:  Vegan, Castile, Black, Herbal, Fragrance Free, just to name a few.

4. Expect a great smelling bar

 Natural essential oils give our bars the added aromatherapy to your bath or shower.  We also use a skin safe amount of fragrance oils to some of our bars for our fragrance lovers. We work hard coming up with original blends that our customers love (such as Bay Leaf Cedarwood and Self Love Bar Soap).

 5. Expect an environmentally friendly product

Natural soap breaks down easily after use and does not harm the waterways or the wildlife in our lakes, rivers, and oceans. 

Personal hygiene routine with natural soap 

Using natural soap in the shower or bath a few times a week and using a natural body exfoliate or loofah on alternate days is ideal. It is recommended to shower or take a bath at least once a day.  However, it is not necessary to wash your body with soap every day.  Use your handmade soap as needed.  Please wash your hands regularly with soap especially after using the restroom, during cold and flu seasons and when preparing and handling food.  Natura l soap should be used as a part of your personal hygiene routine and not relied on as the only part.  Bathing in pure water with a natural loofah or gentle exfoliate should also be apart of your weekly routine for clean healthy looking skin.
Well, that’s all I have to say about that and you have yourself a wonderful Me Day.


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4 comentarios

  • I read your blog and I agree with everything other than using soap daily. I definitely bathe/ shower with soap daily. My preference. I personally know your products are great and I am a fan of the body butter, creams and of course the curly hair cream. Your hair cream is the only thing I use on my hair and I have been using it for years. Love your products! Great job keep up the good work

    Gertrude Greene en

  • Very helpful and knowledgeable. Please write a blog about the different kinds of soap and their differences.

    Ileeany en

  • Very informative. I started using natural hand made soap about 2-3 years ago and I haven’t gone back since!

    Frankie Smith en

  • Very informative. I started using natural hand made soap about 2-3 years ago and I haven’t gone back since!

    Frankie Smith en

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