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What is a Me Day?

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So, what is a Me Day?  Why I thought you would never ask!   As a young girl, my Me Days could be described as any way of pampering myself at home on a budget.  Over the years it has evolved just as I have.

Today I would define a Me Day as any act that puts your mind, body and spirit in alignment.  Think of a me day as a routine practice of self love.  I try to do this daily but life sometimes gets in the way.  So whenever I am feeling out of whack, I stop and take care of myself.  For me that means doing little things that adds beauty in my life, puts me in a state of Grace and feels good to the soul.  

Do you need a Me Day?  Here are some suggestions:  eat a beautiful vegan meal, learn a new language, read a book on spirituality,  write a book, volunteer anywhere, replace a bad habit with a good one, start fasting, patronize a local business, spend the day in nature....  The list goes on.

Me Day Homemade Body care wants to encourage you to love yourself.  You are so much better to the world when you take care of you.  Have a Me Day today! 

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