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Body Butter - Cocoa Shea

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Luxurious, creamy & moisturizing whipped body butter made with natural ingredients like Shea butter, cocoa butter & avocado oil.  This recipe does not contain water or preservative.  Handcrafted by Andrea.

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Melody Mueller
Best Ever

Your Butter Cream is the best ever. Love it

Jenn Smith
The Best Body Butter EVER!!!

I am obsessed with purchasing local goods from small business owners as I am a business owner myself. I try to make time to write reviews for products that I think others would find valuable. I purchased the Cocoa Shea scented body butter (on-line it is Shea Cocoa) from the farmer's market in New Bern, NC in the summer of 2021. I have tried many "home made" body butters over the years and I must say that this one is my favorite. The smell is light and the formula is soft and silky and is not overly oily. Some home made body butters tend to have the consistency of concrete and will actually crack. Others are so greasy that they ruin your clothing and bedding. This one, however, has remained soft and silky since I purchased it 4 months ago (a little goes a long way)! I am not a big perfume wearer but prefer oils and this body butter is scented perfectly for my taste. This body butter has me smelling my skin all the time (lol!) It sinks into the skin easily and keeps it moisturized all day. It is truly WONDERFUL! I am so pleased that I had the good sense to take a picture of the jar before the name rubbed off from constantly handling it. I thought I would have to wait until I returned to New Bern to purchase more but thankfully, after looking at the picture the other day I discovered that there is a website. I met the lady that makes this product at the farmer's market when I purchased it and she was super informative and pleasant. She did not try to sell me on her product and willingly let me test many items. I say support this lady!!!!! Not only is she someone you want to give your money to because of her product and pleasantness but this formula deserves to go NATIONAL!!! I have a small amount left in my jar and will be ordering more soon. Again, I say loud and clear, SUPPORT THIS SMALL BUSINESS OWNER Y'ALL! You will not regret purchasing her product! And you too will be smelling your skin!!!

Deonna Akes
awesome body butter

This body butter is amazing - it smells great & leaves your skin soft and moisturized! Highly recommend!